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Infant Jesus College of Engineering


Infant Jesus Group of Engineering Colleges are affiliated to Anna University which is one of the primary technical universities in the world. The colleges are proud to receive all the guidelines and instructions from Anna University for improving the quality of technical education of our students. The students who are admitted in our group of colleges shall write the examinations conducted by Anna University. Once they are qualified at the end of the fourth year, they shall be awarded the B.E. or B. Tech. degree by Anna University.

Infant Jesus College of Engineering


All the faculty members are selected by the duly constituted staff selection committee comprising subject experts drawn from various reputed college and Anna University. Various modern techniques are adopted in the process of staff selection. The staff members are given periodicals professional orientation and guidance. The performance of the staff members is periodically assessed. They are given opportunities to explain their difficulties in the periodical staff meetings and proper solutions are suggested by Principal & Directors.

Infant Jesus College of Engineering

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction shall be English. We take special care to improve communication skills of the students like reading, writing and understanding in English. Students are given a lot of opportunities in this regard.


Mr.B.Stephen, M.Sc., M.Ed., D.S.M.,

Infant Jesus College of Engineering

Infant Jesus College of Engineering was founded by Infant Jesus Educational Trust, a charitable minority trust comprising leading experts in the field of education based in Chennai. The college was established with the goal of producing outstanding students in technical and business fields and preparing them to tackle the challenges of a dynamic and rapidly changing world.

The management implements an interdisciplinary approach to the programmes of Anna University, making sure that practical applications are combined with the classroom material. Moreover, students of Infant Jesus College of Engineering are encouraged to take part in developmental projects, a process that helps them to maximise their potential in their future career.

We take pride in our passionate commitment to excellence, and our students are exposed to an outstanding education that is both stimulating and engaging. The colleges also assist the students with English language proficiency and career guidance through their placement cells.


Mrs.A.Roselet Bai

Infant Jesus College of Engineering

It must be an incredible feeling to be a part of the most prestigious one. Infant Jesus College of Engineering has been around for over 20 years. In recent years, a degree in technical education, such as engineering, has become the most important academic qualification for all leading industries, both government and non-government. Academics and business owners alike have recognised the value of a degree in meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing technological environment.

The diversity of programmes and members' backgrounds and experiences is one of our campus's strengths. The variety of functional, professional, and vocational skills and knowledge brought to the programme by participants allows the lecturing faculty to test the validity of theoretical concepts against a rich background of personal and organisational perspectives. Individuals from all walks of life, as well as from all special and economic backgrounds, will be encouraged by the Campus environment and work culture. Engineers and other technical professionals can all benefit from their time on this beautiful campus.